Who goes to Free Schools?

Today around one out every six children in Denmark attends a Free School. About one out of every two will continue into ‘Efterskoler’ or independent pre-6th form boarding schools, while every year over 50,000 people will take a course at a Højskole, the boarding Free Schools that cater for adults – many of them on one or two-week courses. The figures speak for themselves. In Denmark there are over 500 Friskoler, about 250 Efterskoler and 80 Højskoler. And the numbers are constantly growing. About 13% of all children of school age attend free schools.


Official figures  for 2009-10



 Free schoolsEfterskolerState schools
No. of schools (approx)5002501500
No. of students (approx)96,00027,000580,000