Recognition procedure

The Academy does not use examinations as a means to grade or assess students. Instead, careful records are kept recording the students’ performance in all aspects of their life at the Academy – their academic performance, their teaching and communication skills, their ability to contribute to democratic forms of decision-making, and relevant social and personal skills. It is a requirement that certain major assignments are satisfactorily completed. All this information is assembled into a report that minutely describes the students’ abilities. Ongoing assessments are made and shared with students by teachers and fellow students. In the event of poor performance or attendance, teachers have the option to exclude students from their courses.
Incoming mobile participants receive a report covering their participation in their course(s), their participation in democratic processes (if relevant) and relevant social and personal skills. The report is approved by all members of staff with experience of the participant.
The report given to the participant as a physical document and available digitally.