The National Knowledge Centre for Free Schools

The National Knowledge Centre for Free Schools is an independent institution, which, while physically on the college campus, has equal affiliation to University Colleges, Lillebælt and University Colleges, Syd. It was opened in 2010 to maintain and strengthen the tradition for educational freedom that is embodied in the Free School tradition. The task of the centre is to generate systematic and evidence-based knowledge about the Free Schools’ pedagogical and didactic practice and about their activities as a whole. The very freedom of the Free Schools means that they have not been subjected to systematic scrutiny and evaluation in the same way as their state school counterparts. This has in many respects been a disservice to the Free School system, since, although their educational qualities are widely recognised, their success has not been sufficiently documented. The aim is for this knowledge to feed into a general discussion of educational theory and practice in Denmark and abroad, both in state primary and secondary schools, in colleges of further and higher education and in other institutions broadly dealing with learning.

The Knowledge Centre will achieve its aims by means of:


Quality assessment

Policy observation

Research observation

Think tank activities

Communication and publication


If you have any questions about the Knowledge Centre please contact:

The National Knowledge Centre


Phone: 2199 9198

Nationalt videncenter for frie skoler
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